Sunday, July 12, 2009

Single Digit Midget

Hello All

I was reminded of an old saying in the Coast Guard we used when someone was approaching the "getting out" stage of his career or tour of duty. When they were under a hundred days left in the service you became a two digit midget and then, of course, once you were under 10 days you were a single digit midget. Well, that's me, this week I became a single digit midget.

I now have only 7 treatments left till I'm done with all this (hopefully for ever if God is merciful with me). If not I'll/we will deal with whatever comes my/our way. However, I/we am/are keeping a positive outlook that this will be it. After two separate treatments series, totally 56 treatments, and all the chemo, I am/we are, hopefully, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (I'm just hoping it's not a train coming this way).

We had a good week and everything went great. The doctors remain encouraged and pleased with my progress, as am I. Nothing new took place this week. We did do a couple of side trips to fill our days up there. Annette and I went to two museums, one the NC Life & Science Museum which was primarily geared towards interactive things for kids of all ages. However, they had a fabulous butterfly house where you were walking amongst tropical plants from all over the world and butterflies, also from all over the world, loose to fly around you, sometimes liting on you. It was very neat. Then we toured the Washington Duke Homestead & Tobacco Museum. He was the guy who pretty much introduced tobacco to North Carolina and came up with a different way to cure it that produced the Bright Leaf tobacco. I think he did pretty well seeing how he founded the American Tobacco Company and was able to fund building a university and hospital. It, too, was very interesting.

Well, I guess that is about it for another week. I hope to have some new pictures soon. We wish you all the best and please keep those prayers coming our way!!!!

Drew & Annette


  1. We are all encouraged by your continued good spirits and outlook. By hearing and seeing a healthy looking and sounding Dad, it makes this seem like we have seen you through the worst. We will continue our prayers and can't wait to see you all in a few weeks

  2. Pretty exciting - here's hoping this is it!