Friday, July 17, 2009

She'll be coming round the corner when she comes

Ok, we just finished our last full week of treatments. I only have two more to go - oh yeah!!!! We both are anxious for this phase of our treatments, and our lives, to be over. I will go for a CT/PET scan in about 3 weeks to see how these treatments went - keep your fingers crossed for me and those prayers coming that I will be "clean" at that time. No Mom, I'm not on dope, it's a different kind of clean.

I saw two of my doctors and they were pleased with the progress. I am showing some pretty significant skin type burns on my upper back, near the neck, and less on the front, also near the neck. They tend to itch but I can deal with them as long as Annette puts some lotion on me daily. I am still feeling good, and, of course, looking marvelous.

We filled out our week with a couple more museums. One the NC Museum of Art and the other a historic site called Stagville which was a former plantation of 30,000 acres and 900 slaves, both were very big by NC standards. We also had a chance to have dinner with Annette's oldest son's family on Monday evening. A good time was had by all.

Well I guess that is about it for another week. Short but sweet with the end in site. The corner in the title is the end of this tunnel!

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