Friday, July 3, 2009

Short Week results in Short Update

Hello All from sunny and hot North Carolina. Annette and I had a shorter week this week up at Duke due to the 3 day weekend the hospital had planned for their staff due to the July 4th holiday. Happy birthdays go out to Annette's mother and my brother on July 4th by the way.

The treatments and doctors visits, along with my blood work, all went well this week. I continue to feel good, look great, and so far, knock knock knock on wood, no real ill affects of the chemo or the radiation treatments this second time around. I am now also over the hump having finished 16 treatments and have just 12 to go. This is a total of 44 radiation treatments so far but God has been good to me so far and is answering many of the prayers you have all been saying on my behalf. Annette and I continue to thank you for that and feel stongly that without those prayers I wouldn't be in as good a shape as I am now.

We took one opportunity to visit with Annette's youngest son, Kelly's, family for dinner on Monday night. Other than that we played 9 holes of golf once and went to the movies to see Public Enemy (I wouldn't recommend it). We were able to come home on Thursday mid-day. We will have a nice 3 day weekend but have no real plans - laying low since we are gone all week each week. Just 2 & 1/2 weeks to go now.

Guess that's it. Told you it would be short.

Drew & Annette


  1. the end is near! enjoy your 3 days off and keep focusing on that countdown!

  2. Yes, we call it "getting short" in the AF! Same thing! Wow, the countdown is coming down. You've done so very well and have been an inspiration to us all! Prayers and blessings to you!

  3. Hey Captain, isn't that river refreshing? Surprised even this old woman with the jet ski take off. Thanks for the postings and Peace to you with prayers.