Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Round 1 of 3 done

Hello All

I just wanted to provide a little update on my progress moving along in this the 3rd round now of my treatments. This will be chemo infusion treatments only (two very powerful ones), given once a week, on Friday's, for three cycles of 2 weeks in a row then a week off, then repeat. I finished the first round this past Friday. The infusions went well, but take a long time, around 4.5 hours total. However, by about 10 pm on Friday night I started to have some of the expected side effects, by throwing up most of the night until around daybreak. While that is fun in itself, it is followed up by a day of just feeling fairly crummy and can't do much. Unfortunately that Saturday was Annette's 39th birthday and I couldn't do anything with her - sorry Babe.

I improved on Sunday and on Monday I even played golf with my brother-in-law Oscar. My appetite is fair at best with lingering nausea but it is mostly controlled with oral medication. Needless to say you don't feel great but not terrible either. Just something we have to deal with in order to get the medicine in you that you need. I am losing a little weight again and definitely muscle tone but "I will be back!"

Annette and I did get to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary last Thursday night wherein we went to a local Chop House which was very good. I will attach a picture from there as well as several of our newest grand daughter, Vivian Fracine Lane Bunch. She's a looker huh? Kind of looks like her grandpa.

My sister, Darla, stopped in here briefly Monday evening while enroute from NY to Florida. Then the crazy nut continued her drive all the way down to Florida. A total of about 24 hours on the road. I thought she had more sense than that - Darla what up?

Speaking of golf for a moment, last Thursday I played for the first time in a month due to some soreness I have had in my stomach and restricting me from swinging. Well, I was invited out, with comp passes, to play one of the famed 8 Pinehurst golf courses. They are numbered 1-8 and we played #8. #2 is the most famous and it is where they have held the US Open twice I believe and will be again 2014. Anyway, it was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks again to Tommy, a friend of a friend who got us on. Annette has also been playing more lately with a group of lady friends and I am happy for her to have some girl company. She doesn't care for my coaching style!

Well enough about the local news around here. I will probably not do another update for a few weeks after we return from the Outer Banks around the 9th of October. Take care and keep those prayers coming our way. They are desperately needed, trust me.




  1. good pictures Dad, you guys look really nice on your anniversary picture. I like the sport coat on you. Hope it was a good dinner. Looking a little slimmer, but you'll put it back on. Love you Dad

  2. i would say the same thing - that anniversary picture is a real keeper. kudos to the waiter who likely took it! you guys make a great-looking couple.

  3. We must agree with the girls, you two look "hot" in the anniversary picture. Keep those great smiles on your faces; enjoy every day like I know you're already doing; and we'll keep praying. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures with all of us.
    Love you both! Sue and Oscar

  4. I'll add to the chorus and say that you and Annette look fabulous in your anniversary photo! And I thoroughly the photos of your newest little granddaughter too! She's a cutie of course! I hope your treatments continue to go as planned and that you are able to truly enjoy the Outer Banks. God is surely getting an earful of prayers for you! :)Will keep them flowing from Dayton. Love you cuz!

  5. Oops! I meant to say I thoroughly ENJOYED the photos of your newest little granddaughter!

  6. Sit down; nothing snarky to say. Just that we are sending prayers, hugs, and sunshine (yes, sunshine) from Seattle! You are loved! Jeff, Natina, and Alex are keeping you in our thoughts.