Saturday, October 17, 2009

A New Twist in my Path to Recovery

Hello, Again, Everyone:

I know this update is a sudden one after my last one but there is some news I felt worth sharing. Yesterday, Annette and I were back at Duke to see if I could have my scheduled treatment. I wasn't confident that I would be able to get it due to how I was feeling pretty much all week. Ever since returning from the Outer Banks I have not felt well. In fact I was throwing up again last Sunday night and then Thursday night I had a miserable night with very little sleep as my stomach was killing me, much worse than normal. I have had a sore, sensitive stomach and back aches for quite a while now causing a lot of discomfort. And for the past week I have had zero appetite, I mean none at all.

Well, low and behold, while my white blood cell count had rebounded a little (1400 vs 800 with normal being between 5-6,000) my platelet count was much better (171 vs 87 where they want it >150). As a result, I was able to get my treatment yesterday. Additionally, and this is the new twist, we are going back up tomorrow to be admitted to the hospital and I will have a feeding tube installed in my stomach on Monday. I will likely be discharged on Wednesday and back up there again for treatment on Friday, a busy week for sure. Knowing how weak I feel, with no strength, I think this is the best idea. Since I have no desire for food I can't get enough nourishment and this should rectify that, hopefully. They said it will likely stay in throughout the remainder of my treatments and when I can eat I will and when I can't it will go in via the feeding tube. Oh well, just one more little twist in the road to recovery. Like I said before, Cancer sucks.

This a.m., as suspected, I threw up about 6 times until it finally passed. It usually happens about 8-10 hours after my treatments. Please continue to pray for both of us as this is a battle we are both fighting 24 x 7. One of these days we are going to get some good news to share with you.

With love
Drew & Annette


  1. Hi Drew:
    Definitely praying for you. You are on our prayer sheet at church and people you don't even know are talking to God and asking that he give you strength. Sorry to see a classmate go through this. You take care and know our thoughts are with you. In Christ, Dave and Carol A.

  2. we know this is just one step into making you well! one step toward not just recovery, but remission.

  3. Mr. Wojtanik. This is Kacie, one of you nurses from 9300. Just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers.

  4. Drew -

    We still think of you back in Wheeling (or in PA in my case) and do pray for you to have a third time charm. There is plenty of positive energy being sent your way.

    What a great fishing adventure...I love tuna too. This catch is probably better than the turtle catch in the Pike Island lock chamber, but that was a good thing too...the little guy deserved a chance just like you do.

    Take care Drew...hope you feel better soon.