Thursday, May 28, 2009

Confusion Say


Just a quick update to let you know what transpired yesterdat at Duke. We were scheduled to meet with my surgeon and the medical oncologist. Met with the oncolgist first. She was totally mystified as to why my previous 6 weeks of chemo hadn't taken care of these "newly discovered" small tumors at the top of my esophagus while they had been addressed everywhere else. She said they didn't show up in the PET scan due to their small size (< 1cm).

Bottom line, yesterday wasn't all that productive. The surgeon basically said he is done with me unless I need something in the future like my esophagus streached or possibly a feeding tube installed. Otherwise, he says they have no plans to operate on me. The last thing he said to us was that he will be "praying for me." I'm not sure how I should interpret that but I will look it positively.

So back over to the medical oncologist, she then contacted the radiation oncologist to see if I am still a viable canidate for more radiation treatments. He said yes that it is "technically fisable" and that since this area is far enough away from the earlier treated area they can still zap me.

As a result, they scheduled me for one more PET/CT scan next Thursday and then more consultations with the medical and radiation oncologists after that to discuss the new "plan." They suspect it may be radiation (shorter term due to the small size of the tumors) and just oral chemo which was used to enhance the effect of the radiation. This is not the one that got me sick. I suspect that this round of treatment won't be near as bad as the earlier one. And, of course, all of the doctors said "you look marvalous." What can I say - just good genes I guess. I have put back on at least 16 lbs and my strength is back up. I would say I'm probably 85% again. Put me in coach - I'm ready to play!

Till next time - be well, be safe, have fun, stop to smell the roses, and God Bless.


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  1. I'm sure you're relieved that this second roung of chemo may not be as bad as the first, especially since you won't be having that experimental drug again. Hopefully, prayerfully, more radiation and chemo will zap the new cancer cells in your esophagus. Meanwhile, let's all enjoy smelling the roses. God bless!