Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back In the Human Race

Hello Family and Friends

Just a little update to let you know that I am feeling "alive" again and ready to rejoin the human race. My racing engine may not be running on all 8 cylinders just yet, but it is firing on at least 6 right now! And that is a drastic improvement.

The doctors had told me I would start to feel somewhat "human" again after about 10 days after the end of treatments. Well, I am here to tell you that they are right!!!

This weekend we were invited down to Myrtle Beach, by Annette's brother Oscar and his wife Sue, whom I love, and we stayed at their lovely waterfront home on the Inter-coastal Waterway. I helped him haul down his 22' pontoon boat, get it cleaned up and launched and secured in his boat lift. We did a shake down cruise up the waterway and had a great time. We did a little maintenance on the boat, the boat lift, his pier, and the cover for his boat. Everything went really well and we had a great 3-day weekend. The weather was nice (70's and sunny), and we even played 9-holes of golf one afternoon. We played cards in the evenings (no bragging but I put a whipping on them), Phase 10 (have you every heard of it?).

My appetite came back quite a ways, especially after Oscar fixed us some prime rib on the grill, and we even went out to a buffet one night. This was a huge step for me. I'm not pigging out but I am eating more and my energy level was way up. I contribute it to good sunny weather, fresh air, good company, and just a great time overall.

Nothing further to report at this time other than I am feeling much better and, of course, looking marvelous. I'm glad to be back in the race.

Keep those thoughts and prayers coming and thanks again for all the wonderful cards I have received from so many of you.




  1. Your journey continues to humble me Drew. It has been quite a path for some time and I remember quite a bit of it...all the way from you chewing tea bags and getting fish hooks pulled out of your back!! keep on.

  2. It makes us very happy to know you are feeling better and starting to sound like Dad aagain

  3. of course i agree with jackie - glad to know you're feeling better and on the road to "normal" times again. love you!

  4. It's so great to hear that you're getting some strength back. And it sounds like you had a terrific weekend with your brother and sister in law. Being outdoors and on the water can be so therapeutic! Hope you had a happy and blessed Easter!

  5. Glad you were up for an active and very enjoyable weekend. The sunshine and fresh air are miracle cures not only physically but mentally. Keep it up. You look great!!